Thursday, November 17, 2011

Heather's book

And Nancy made a picnic blanket...


And again after Judy added the following text, made up of her introduction and then adaptations of several haiku...

In                     invited,              by                                          the morning breeze
my                   not by me,         sun and moisture                  ruffles the
garden                                      earth and greenery,              silky hair  of
                                                 (JJB)                                      a cool caterpillar,  

an old                               the bee                             the voice
insecticide can                  trades                              of the cicada
is home                            peony for peony               sinks into the rocks,
to spiders,                        with                                  (Basho)
(Berry)                             the butterfly,

and the snail
bares its shoulders            to the              sun.        

JJB- III, 2012

And here it is after Beth played with it with her pastels and x-acto blade.


Here are photos of my book before I cut it and then of the book standing. It is made from a sheet of St Armand paper.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Judy's book

Judy's book after Heather added to it...

Judy's book after Beth added to it... 

Beth says: This book demanded subtlety so I have added embosssed and debossed spirals - tentative tentacles waiting to be tugged

Judy's book after Nancy has added to it...

Nancy says: 
"Since she orders the rhythm of the world, I stitched Moon's silver beam-trail across the pages to illustrate Judy's theme: "when one tugs at a single thing in nature he finds it attached to the rest of the world". (John Muir) "

Judy says:
The paper is handmade by Britt Quinlan, with inclusions. I messed up in that one of the leaves is on the wrong side when the book is folded. I am thinking of creative ways to deal with that! 

Nancy's book

Judy's contribution...

Beth's contribution...

Beth says: I LOVE this book. Working on it was like eating peanuts. I had to tear myself away so that I didn't actually finish it before it got back to Nancy. I did give you rocks and trees, Nancy. You can add the moss.

Heather's contribution ...


Nancy's book at the beginning ...


I might consider hoping my book talks about Trees and maybe Rocks too. Two of my favourite things. And maybe Moss also. However... the strict linear nature of my cutouts doesn't encourage thoughts of amorphous shapes like rocks and moss. Oh well.

It could also be about buildings, obviously.
For heaven's sake, just respond to the paper as you wish. Use it to express something You need to express. Have your ways with it. Words or no words. No expectations - yet.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Beth's book

Here it is after Heather's contribution...

Here it is after Nancy's contribution...

Here it is after Judy's contributions.


Here's a start! 

My only wish is that when you add an element that you will add an echo of it somewhere else in the book.